Somatic Healing

What is Somatic Healing?

Please Note: I do not diagnose or treat medical conditions.

Somatic healing is a form of self-healing that works to help people address the subconscious motivations which create the dis-ease process. It helps people explore the meaning behind disease as many diseases have been found to have a psychological or mental component. Chronic stress has also been shown to depress the immune system making people more susceptible to disease.  Sometimes illness is the direct result of past trauma and emotion which is physically stored in the body. Sometimes illness is the only way that a repressed part our ourselves (a subpersonality) can gain attention and request what it needs e.g. more rest.

Alchemical clearing techniques can clear trauma, integrate supressed subpersonalities and reduce the chronic build-up of unrelieved tension in the body.


There are a number of alchemical techniques including using Golden Sun energy, hypnotic movement and hypnotic micro-movement, colour energy healing and working with the Inner Healer. A healing session may incorporate one or many of these techniques depending on the presenting issue. These techniques are approved by the National Guild of Hypnotists (USA) and are also accepted by the California Board of Registered Nursing and by the California Board of Behavioural Sciences. 

The power of hypnotic trance is used to bring into conscious awareness the motivations, reasons and purpose of pain and illness as well as what is needed to relieve it. Whilst there is often relief from symptoms, perhaps the most important part of the session is gaining insight into why we are manifesting this particular dis-ease at this time. Once the subconscious component of the problem is understood (brought to conscious awareness) there can be a natural release. Even if this does not occur acceptance and self-forgiveness become available which greatly changes our relationship with the problem, which is healing in itself.


Alchemical Imagination Training.

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