Holistic Hypnosis

Starter Session


45 minutes

Start work on something that’s bothering you (e.g. weight-loss, smoking, anxiety, insomnia).

Discover and transform a hidden limiting belief

Meet and work with an Inner Guide and get support for your ongoing  transformation

Relieve stress, and learn how to fully relax.

Introductory Offer!

Full Holistic Hypnosis Session


(usually £90)

75 minutes

Identify what you really want in life and how to accomplish it

Transform hidden limiting beliefs and blocks from the past

Heal and empower your Inner Child

Meet and work with your Inner Guides and get support for your ongoing  transformation

Meet your Inner Mate and power up your intimate relationships

Relieve stress, anxiety and other physical issues

Communicate and resolve issues with others on the Etheric Plane

Empower your true imagination and build you Inner World

Introductory Offer!

Past Life Regression


(usually £120)

90 minutes

Discover memories of past lives that are relevant to your present

Access creative abilities from previous lives

Identify sources of trauma and resolve them

Explore and resolve karma

Alter relationship contracts with significant others

Discover and examine your life purpose

Get the ‘bigger picture’ of your Soul Journey

Introductory Offer!

Future Life Progression


(usually £120)

90 minutes

Step into your future and discover where you’re heading if you keep on your current course

Try out options and ‘see’ what the various outcomes may be

Discover what you may need to adjust in the present to gain your desired outcome(s)

Discover hidden attitudes and beliefs that are impacting your future

Explore the advice  your future self wants to give to your current self

Find out the one thing you can do now that will positively impact your future self

Somatic Healing


75 minutes

Please Note: I do not diagnose or treat medical conditions 

Meet your Inner Healer and create your inner healing temple

Activate the healing powers of your subconscious mind

Discover the meaning and  ‘purpose’ of your dis-ease

Gain insights into what you can practically do to help yourself

Holistic Tarot Reading


50 minutes

Gain new perspectives from the Universe on what needs transformation

Learn to engage imaginatively with the cards and discover new insights

Ask specific questions and get specific answers

Find out which alchemical process is dominating your life at the moment and how to work with it

Holistic Coaching


30 minutes


Package of 5 sessions £200, 10 sessions £400. Packages include a free workbook

Work on your life purpose or other aim or project that is important to you

Set your vision, articulate your values and goals and plan your actions. Learn to use your true imagination in the process

Use alchemical processes to diagnose where you are and what you need to focus on

Get held to account for taking action

Get feedback, support and encouragement to keep going when things get tough

Alchemical Imagination Training.

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