Past Life Regression

What is Past Life Regression?

Probably the first question people ask about past life regression is ‘are past lives real?’

What they usually mean by this is can they access a previous life and experience factual details from that period that they could not have known and that will really prove that they were alive at that time. There is no doubt that some people have this experience and do recall vivid details that can be factually proven through looking things up in history books, old newspapers etc. There has been various research done that appears to prove that people do remember things from previous eras, things that they could not have known.

Many times though people have past life experiences but they can’t be factually validated because, unless you were particularly famous, it’s unlikely that the intimate details of your life were recorded for posterity. It can also become a distraction as straining to glean provable ‘facts’ can get in the way of the therapeutic benefits of doing past life regression. Alchemical past life regression focuses on these therapeutic benefits as well as satisfying curiosity.

Alternative Explanations for Past Life Experiences

If you don’t believe in reincarnation or struggle with the concept of time that past life regression suggests (e.g. many people believe that linear ‘clock’ time as we understand it is a construct of our particular three-dimensional consciousness and that time in the spiritual realm has no meaning), you may be interested to know that it is still can have very powerful therapeutic benefits. 

Other explanations for past life experiences include the idea that our true imagination conjours up narratives (stories) as metaphors which have deep learning embedded in them. A seeming past life regression can teach us a great deal about ourselves and expand our awareness in a way that circumvents the analytical conscious (ego) mind which on the whole tends to try and filter things out. We don’t have to believe that the regression was literally real, but it can have real value nonetheless, especially when it triggers feelings that may have been long buried. 

Another view is that past lives are really stories from the collective unconscious that are relevant to our current life in some way. They may be archetypal stories (myths) which we somehow filter for our personal use and which provide us with insights and learning. There is also the concept of the ‘Akashic Record’ where all things past and future are already ‘written’ and that this kind of regression taps into that. The notion of the Akashic Record also requires a view of time that is different to our normal everyday version and has more of a fate or predestination feel to it. There is also the idea that perhaps our the past is somehow recorded in our DNA,  and that we are accessing the memories of our genetic heritage more than a personal individual past life. 

What is clear is that our existence as humans is pretty mysterious and that we currently can only process a tiny sliver of the reality we are embedded in. With that in mind, it perhaps isn’t that important that we can explain how these techniques work, the important thing being that we get benefit from them.

Benefits of Past Life Regression

Whatever your own personal view of how this could work, everyone gets benefits from alchemical past life regression sessions. They seem particuarly effective for clearing past trauma that doesn’t seem to be responding to ‘this life’ techniques. Deep feelings of guilt and shame that appear unrelated to current life incidents also respond well as do obsessional attachments to an intimate partner that seems to defy all reason. 

There is also the opportunity to explore and integrate past life skills and creativity and to channel those into present-day reality. People who do this report a marked increase in artistic abilities such as playing a musical instrument, painting and drawing or other creative skills. Whilst I’m not promising that you will suddenly become a new Mozart (as many artistic pursuits require a training of muscle memory which takes time in present-day reality), the blocks and resistances (including the little voice in your heard that tells you you’ll never be any good) fades away clearing the path for rapid accomplishment.

Some people also have the experience of expansion that leaves them feeling much ‘bigger’ than before. They gain a new perspective of life and a sense of being an immortal being, knowing that death is just a transition from one life to the next. Compassion alsoincreases as this sense of having lived many lives as many different types of people enables us to empathise with a much wider range of people – as we’ve been like them ourselves!

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