Inner Guides

What is an Inner Guide?

There are many different views on what inner guides are and whether they are actually ‘real’ or not. This is a huge topic which I will be covering in other posts, but it’s important to know that the idea of Inner Guides plays a pivotal role in alchemical hypnotherapy.

Depending on your worldview you might believe that Inner Guides are independent and autonomous entities/beings that communicate with us through our imagination – and perhaps even believe that this is the original purpose and function of imagination – to allow this ‘extra-sensory’ type of communication. Or you might believe that Inner Guides are just useful metaphors, the personification of various aspects of ourselves, that enables us to communicate with them.


Another perspective is the idea of ‘archetypes’. Carl Jung developed and integrated the notion of archetypes into the world of psychology and healing, but the idea of ‘blueprints’ or ‘original forms’ goes back beyond Plato (428-347 BCE). ARCHE means “first” and TYPE means “model” or “kind”, so archetypes can be thought of as first forms. The point of archetypes is that they are universal patterns or forms that structure our experience and that are common to all humans regardless of the time in history or the culture e.g. mother and father. In alchemical hypnotherapy we can deliberately set out to discover a new inner family e.g. a new Inner mother and Inner Father. This can be particularly useful if our outer world parents didn’t support us properly in childhood. In alchemical hypnotherapy we can create new relationships with the archetypes ‘mother’ and ‘father’ which will enable powerful transformations in the outer world. For example shifting our relationship from angry resentment to trust and feeling supported by a father archetype can radically transform our relationship to authority and the business of earning a living amongst other things

Other guides include the Inner Healer and the Inner Mate. This latter guide is very powerful not only in activating the kind of energy needed for attracting intimate relationships, but also for generating passion and creativity in other areas of life. It is well understood that ‘erotic’ energy is essential to all forms of creativity. Guides can also include ‘religious’ figures and gurus (Jesus can often appear in his guise as mentor, or master Teacher)

It is important to note that we do not consciously create guides – we discover them and in a way it feels like they choose us. The point is to allow them to emerge from the deep depths of the collective unconscious into our personal inner world.  Consciously deciding who you want for a guide is not particularly powerful as it will very likely to be selected by the ego. Whilst this is OK, it has the problem of serving conscious wish-fulfillment rather than being in touch with your deeper inner wisdom. 

Guides do not always emerge immediately, and it can take a few sessions to really establish a working relationship, but it’s really worth being patient because when you establish a bond miracles happen in both the inner AND outer world!


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