How A Session Works

How to Prepare

The most important thing is to ensure you have a stable internet connection and that your microphone and speakers are working properly. Some people prefer to use headphones as it makes hearing my voice easier.

You will need to make sure that you are able to get comfortable enough to relax fully and deeply. What many people do is sit in front of their computer for our initial conversation and then go to an easy chair, sofa or bed to relax for the hypnosis part. It’s not strictly necessary that I can see you throughout (although it’s helpful), what IS essential is that we can hear each other. Sessions can work well on phones, iPads and tablets as well as on laptops/PCs. You might want to have a notepad and pen close by for afterwards so you can jot down any notes. I do not record sessions.

Start of a Session

I will send out a zoom link before our session. If you haven’t received it 30 minutes prior to our appointment – please send me a text on +44 (0)7973 524191 so I can make sure you get it.

We start with having a face-to-face conversation. If this is your first session this will take about 20 minutes. I will work with you to discover what you want to accomplish with alchemical hypnotherapy and also we will identify what your specific intention for the session will be. I will run through some ideas of the type of journey we can undertake and you will let me know of any specific issues you might have (e.g. fear of water, heights or lifts) as well as any specific spiritual practises, guides, philosophies or other inner resources that you think may help your journey.

The Journey

I will then invite you to get comfortable in your chosen chair/sofa/bed. Make sure you are warm enough perhaps covering yourself with a blanket if necessary. We will make sure that we can hear each other properly before I begin.

I will take you through a process of getting deeply relaxed with your eyes closed. It is important that you don’t keep questioning yourself about if you are actually ‘hypnotisable’ and whether you are ‘under’ yet!  There is no need to evaluate or assess how you are doing – there is no ‘right’ way and you will get what you need to get from the session if you don’t question yourself. I will  take you into a medium trance also known as alert trance. The body is very relaxed and you are open to memories and emotions and some people have the experience of partial regression where you are are aware of being in the present and the past at the same time. This is perfectly normal. This is the best state for the interactive process work that we do in alchemical hypnosis. You may feel that you have not been hypnotised at all. It is a state in which you are alert and you can instantly respond if something urgent comes up that needs your attention. It is also OK to move about, scratch and do anything else that you need to do to feel comfortable. You don’t have to keep perfectly still!

I will guide you into your inner world and then ask you to start describing what you are aware of. It really is OK if you don’t actually ‘see’ anything, just bring your awareness to your experience in the moment and describe what is going on. Often people are worried about ‘making things up’ but the whole point is to allow things to come up freely and naturally and this can feel like making things up. This is the critical part where we allow our imagination free reign and where we start ‘training’ our true imagination. We have been schooled to think of our imaginative faculties as ‘just’ the imagination and to confuse what it presents to us as ‘mere fantasy’. Fantasy is where we guide our imagination from our conscious mind in a form of wish-fulfillment and it’s most often ego-driven. With just a little bit of practice it is easy to distinguish between actively generating images to make ourselves feel better (fantasy) and getting into a dialogue with the vast resource that is our unconscious mind. The difference between the two types is rather like the difference between listening and speaking. With true imagination we actively ‘listen’ or attend to our imagination and observe what arises. With fantasy we ‘speak’ (or consciously generate images) of what we (our egos) want. There is nothing wrong with fantasising and it can also be used in alchemical hypnosis, but allowing a more listening style of imagination is perhaps most effective.

It really doesn’t matter what you become aware of, and whether you see it or not. All you need to do is report as accurately as you can what is there for you. We follow where your unconscious mind leads. There is no way to get this wrong! If you are aware of absolutely nothing, all there is to do is report that. Whatever comes up (or doesn’t!) is perfect and I will lead you through it. You may well be amazed at what you discover about yourself and your true feelings and gaining profound insights into things is common.

Ending the Session

There will come a point in the journey when we know that enough has been accomplished in the session. At that point I will summarise what has happened and then bring you back to normal waking awareness. I make sure that you are fully awake and we spend a few minutes discussing the journey and you can ask any questions you might have. People usually report feeling relaxed and refreshed and often go on to have a wonderful night’s sleep. It is wise to take some notes directly after the session so you can remember what happened, and especially remember any advice or gifts you were given by your guides. Like dreams, the journeys have a habit of fading very quickly in the hurly burly of everyday life.

After the Session

The way transformation happens can be extremely subtle. You probably won’t even notice it happening, until you look back and realise that you have done something that you’ve put off for years, or you’ve mysteriously found the answer to a problem (often a very practical thing), or you realise that an old attitude that had you think about something in a certain way has changed or melted away. It can feel like the transformation isn’t really a transformation at all because really you always thought this way (although really you know you didn’t). This is because what has transformed is something in your unconscious mind, which by it’s very nature you can’t be aware of – otherwise it would be conscious! This is the power and magic of this work. Things feel effortless and easy because there is no conscious resistance or struggle involved. The trick is just to let things flow and don’t expect the transformation to look a certain way.  Try to avoid the pitfall of unpicking what happened with too much analysis and expectation and try not to get into the mindset of a young child asking ‘are we nearly there yet?’ on a long journey!

Ultimately it’s important to trust the process and have faith that you are tapping into the vast resources of a benign and loving Universe, which is consciously on your side. This is something that prophets, priests, saints, magi, monks, nuns, magicians and alchemists having been doing for millennia. So you are in very good company.

Alchemical Imagination Training.

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