Future Life Progression

What is Future Life Progression?

Future life progression offers the opportunity to travel forward into the future to explore the best possible outcomes for your current situation.

Travelling forward in time enables you to explore possibilities that await from current choices. You can contact your future self and explore various options and see how they pan out. You can be guided into the future of this life by for example five or ten years or even into a future life where you can gather information about this current life’s purpose and issues that you could benefit from healing now.

There is also an inbuilt failsafe that has only what will help your current situation come through. Only information that is useful to for you to know becomes available and people usually feel a natural sense of anticipation and excitement of what is available using this technique. As with all alchemical techniques your Higher Self is in charge.

Benefits of Future Life Progression

One of the key benefits people report is confidence. Having taken the opportunity to explore outcomes in the future, confidence to make the right choice in the present increases exponentially. Whether this is related to relationships, career, health or money, the sense of purpose and being on the right track really increases wellbeing right now.

Contacting Inner Guides who can offer bigger picture insights into directions and paths you can consider, perhaps things that you haven’t even thought of yet, really expands future possibilities.  Once you connect with your future powerful energy and bring it back to your present life it somehow short-circuits years of effort and brings the future forward. It can really accelerate accomplishments!

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