Etheric Plane Communication

What is Etheric Plane Communication?

Etheric plane communication is a technique for communicating out loud with a mental (introjected) image of an external person in order to complete something with them. It includes the full expression of thoughts and feelings and achieving understanding by hearing the other person’s response. This enables the possibility of completion, forgiveness, power and freedom from the burden of unresolved feelings and desires.

Using true imagination you can release anger, grief and any other uncomfortable feeling safely without harming the other person or yourself. Distance and death are no obstacle! You might wonder how this can be effective since the normal presumption is that the other person needs to hear what you are saying – but that’s not true. In reality the pain and upset you feel is a result of your own trapped feelings, sometimes in your body. Having carte blanche to fully express your authentic emotions with an intention to release and resolve the upset can magically shift the problem.

Having your communication witnessed by someone else also adds power to the process. It can be quite remarkable the difference seeing things from the other’s point of view can make but this does require a willingness to use true imagination to put yourself in their shoes. People often remark that they feel their insights into the other person’s attitudes came ‘from somewhere else’.  You can decide whether you have actually tapped into the other person or whether just being willing to is enough! Either way miracles are often reported.

This process is often used as part of other journies, particularly with emotional clearing where it proves very effective for completing issues with parents and other authority figures from the past.

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