Emotional Clearing

What is Emotional Clearing?

Emotional clearing is a process for healing the source of emotional pain.  This is done by using proven and well known therapeutic techniques such as Inner Child work to transform memories of trauma, abuse and neglect from the past so the coping patterns we created at the time no longer repeat. We work to restore appropriate adult feelings and responses to the challenges in the outer world. We don’t just work with chilhood memories, but all past-based memories including adolescent trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder and other adult experiences from the past that continue to haunt the present.

Psychotherapy generally recognises that childhood trauma is the source of psychological problems in later life and many different therapeutic techniques have been developed to work through childhood issues. These can be effective, but often it is not enough to simply recognise and release the trauma. It is also necessary to replace the old feelings with something new and positive, otherwise habit will have us return to the old feelings. This is why people often have the experience of going over the same old ground of their childhood issues despite having done a lot of therapy. It is also important to release the bodily tension caused by the trapped emotions otherwise this too can cause them to repeat despite the seeming emotional release. 

The Importance of Feelings

Feelings are the natural response in the body to the environment that helps us to understand and express our personal needs and to get others to respond to them. However, feelings can become inappropriate or reactive when basic needs for love, affection, food, play, companionship and freedom are not met at key developmental stages in childhood. The consequent unhappy feelings are repressed and become a ‘residue’ of immature feelings, needs and emotions in the subconscious mind. These feelings can be triggered by events in the outside world but are no longer an appropriate response to the environment. They are a reaction based on the past rather than a natural response to what is occuring in the present. They are inappropriate because they are the response of an unhappy and perhaps angry child rather than a fully functioning adult. In this way they can cause complexes, behavioural problems including addictions and phobias and negative voices in our head (sub personalities) that drain our confidence and creativity.

We are also often encouraged to repress and deny our feelings as children with people in authority over us saying things like ‘Shut up or I’ll give you something to cry about’ or ‘Say something nice or don’t say anything at all!’. From this we learn to experience our feelings as a problem and  perhaps even shameful. Denial of the feelings follows and they become part of our ‘shadow’ and can go on to wreak havoc in our adult lives causing things like chronic depression, anxiety, boredom, pain, tension, disease, overweight, loss of vitality and passive aggressive behaviour amongst many other things. 

Inner Child Work

The metaphor of the Inner Child is a tool which we can use to identify and heal the wounded places within ourselves where early needs have been unmet and feelings denied. Using the technique we can re-live our childhoods in a new way that meets the needs of those repressed parts of ourselves and restores us to wholeness. We do a specific kind of Inner Child work in alchemical hypnosis that uses not only the adult self to re-parent the child but also archetypes (inner guides) to create new internal resources and responses so the Inner Child gets what it needs and is healed once and for all. Working in interactive trance makes contacting repressed and denied feelings in the subconscious much easier and also harnesses the power of the true imagination to create what is really needed for peace and happiness. Inner child work is often extremely effective in dealing with anxiety.


complex is a collection of emotionally charged memories and irrational feelings, beliefs and behaviours around a particular area of your life, e.g. sex, money, authority, body shame etc. It may be experienced emotionally or as pain or tension in the body and may lead to physical illness. A complex includes core negative beliefs and feelings about yourself and others. A complex acts like a filter that puts a particular ‘gloss’ on the entire world and has you perceive it in a certain way. It’s like putting on a pair of yellow sunglasses – suddenly everything has a yellow tint. After a while this becomes the ‘norm’ and you forget what it was like before. When this filter is in place you experience a lack of power as you are reacting from the mistaken beliefs and feelings of the complex. You literally can’t see the wood for the trees.

In alchemical hypnotherapy we explore complexes creatively using true imagination. Often complexes simply dissolve and it feels as simple as taking off the yellow sunglasses and seeing things as they really are!  When this happens solutions to issues and problems appear blindingly obvious and sometimes it can be hard to understand why you didn’t see them before. This may happen in the session or in the hours or days after the session.

Alchemical Imagination Training.

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