About Me

Christina Archbold M.A. MNCH(Reg.) Certified by National Guild of Hypnotists (USA)


Hi, I’m Chrissy

I work with spiritually minded people who feel stuck, unfulfilled and are finding it hard to reach their full potential. I support them to create a life filled with purpose, creativity, enchantment and ease.

Who I am

I love my first cup of tea of the day, living in an old church on a Scottish island, the way the sea sparkles like crystals in the sunlight, knitting outsize jumpers, writing fantasy fiction, playing cornet in a brass band, studying esoteric philosophy, long baths, snow, tarot, music, astrology, yoga, walking my dog Bonnie on the beach and seal spotting. 


What I do

As a holistic hypnotherapist and coach, I work from principles that have been tried and tested for millennia. I’ve been formally trained over many years in both traditional and alchemical hypnotherapy, spiritual alchemy, transformational coaching, NLP, tarot and Angelic Reiki and bring all of it to our work together. I’ve also have an MA in ‘Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred’ which brings  an academic depth to my work.

What I do is intensely practical and has a subtle but profound impact on people’s lives, including my own. In a nutshell I support people to transform the dross of everyday life into spiritual gold through the use of imagination and alchemy, updated to suit our modern times. I also teach people how they can do it for themselves so they can become self-sustaining and not need people like me!

I am a full member of the National Hypnotherapy Council and abide by their Code of Ethics as well as being certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists in the USA.


The Alchemist

Why I do it

I love my work and the life that I create day-by-day. It took me a little while to get into my groove, but that’s part of how it works. Empowering people to be creative in the fullest sense of that word – as in create a life – is what makes my heart sing. I also relish seeing people change, experiencing those “aha” moments when their world shifts, letting them imagine new possibilities and achieve things that seemed impossible just moments before.

I also believe that we are not just doing this for ourselves. We are doing it for the evolution of consciousness and the fulfillment of Life itself. Imagine a world where humans are consciously creating their lives free from the constraints of the past, fully alive in the moment and building the best possible futures. Imagine the joy and peace that would bring.

My Purpose

My purpose is to empower you to take your fears, traumas, challenges, hopes, dreams and desires and transmute them so you can deeply connect with your true Self.  An awakening that enables you to consciously create your life and fulfill your true potential.

My Journey

My journey began after a spate of disasters in my mid 20’s. I’d emigrated with my new husband to New Zealand, full of excitement and hope for the future. Within a few months of our arrival, my husband had a full blown psychotic breakdown,  my only brother was killed in a car crash and I woke up one morning so ‘out-of-it’ I couldn’t feel my feet touch the ground – a condition that lasted for nearly three years. The psychologist called it ‘disassociation’, but knowing that made no difference. I spent the whole time looking in at myself over my shoulder with the sensation of being completely out of my body. It was scary. I had strange and bizarre symptoms like looking in the mirror and seeing my face melt – just like a Salvador Dali painting. I became hyper-rational, believing I could now see the truth. The whole notion of God and spirituality was made up by us humans as a pathetic attempt to alleviate the unbearable pain of grief and life was just a nasty joke.

I didn’t realise it at the time but I was in the midst of a spiritual emergency. Yet all the while I kept on working as a lawyer and no one ever knew what was happening. I was rigidly holding it together, apart from when, with depressing frequency, I’d collapse with a panic attack in the street and come-to with concerned faces looking down at me and asking if they should call an ambulance.

My husband recovered after a spell in mental hospital and we got on with the business of trying to build a new life. But I was completely disconnected from everyone including myself and some mornings I just wondered what the point was. I also knew by this stage that it was more about profound fear of my own death than that of my brother. I had regular nightmares of being dead but still conscious, unable to move or speak, terrified in deep inky blackness. I was lost at sea with nothing to guide me home.

And then, gradually, the miracles started.

In quick succession I met a series of alternative practitioners who through a range of interventions including massage, diet, meditation and intensive rebirthing helped me get back in my body. I discovered a lively Course in Miracles community who ran powerful spiritual healing workshops. I started having gentle mystical experiences – like being in a room with a dozen people and it just starting to glow brighter and brighter with a magical golden light until I was almost dazzled and feeling an intense warm glow of peace and happiness. An inner voice started speaking to me and  from that moment I started a life-long relationship with an Inner Guide that has never left.

That was all many years ago and I’ve been a spiritual adventurer ever since. I have a passion for esoteric philosophy and its practical applications and have learned and practised a wide-range of tools and techniques. This includes transpersonal psychology, alchemy, transformational coaching and psychic development and mediumship. I have coached international clients for many years and have worked as an Executive Coach for government departments and businesses as well as being a spiritually oriented life coach and holistic hypnotherapist. I have facilitated many different sorts of groups including women’s therapy groups and run a variety of seminars and workshops. I am also a professional tarot reader and teacher.


Alchemical Imagination Training.

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