About Holistic Hypnotherapy

What is Holistic Hypnotherapy?

It’s a very powerful form of hypnotherapy that discovers and activates the vast range of inner resources we all have. You may have come across the idea that ‘all the answers are within’ and this is true! But how do you discover those answers quickly and easily without years of meditation? One quick and simple way is through holistic hypnotherapy.

Working with tried and tested methods, you can connect to your own Inner Wisdom and get the advice and support you need. It provides a fast way to profoundly connect with your Higher Self and your Soul.

It is very practical too. When we discover and ‘activate’ our resources, we find they work for us 24/7. This often takes the form of us suddenly ‘seeing’ a solution to a problem, taking actions that seemed too difficult before or simply noticing that old emotional pain and fear has disappeared. This happens easily, effortlessly and naturally, leaving us with a sense of peace and calm, yet we know that something profound has happened. Old restrictions and limiting beliefs simply disappear never to return and new possibilities emerge.

How does it differ from other forms of hypnotherapy?

Traditional forms of hypnotherapy are well documented as helping to solve problems like losing weight, stopping smoking, and other unwanted types of behaviour.  They tend to do this by approaching the subconscious mind like a computer and ‘installing’ new programs based on positive suggestion that ‘overwrite’ the old programs that may be causing the problems. This computer metaphor explains the mind in an easy to understand way, but is also rather mechanistic. Whilst there is no doubt it works, it doesn’t use the full potential of what we have available to us as human beings.

Holistic hypnotherapy can deal with all the same issues but takes a full person approach. It embraces the idea that our minds are not machines and are part of the vast web of  the living consciousness that ongoingly creates the Universe. When we seek guidance in our inner world, this vast consciousness provides active help, providing us with our very own internal wise mentors and teachers. We then actively work with these to resolve our issues and problems, which may be part of something that we have yet to identify. They often bring insights and wisdom that we don’t have access to with our everyday normal consciousness, and help us heal at a deeper level. It doesn’t matter whether you believe these Guides are separate entities or simply a convenient way to connect with our own unused potential, the effect is the same!

Sometimes our issues are based on trauma we experienced in childhood and an important part of holistic hypnotherapy is working with our Inner Child to heal the wounds of the past. We also work through time and can use Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression to get the bigger picture and to actively create our future.

A fundamental part of it is discovering and creating our own Inner World as a place that we can find sanctuary and answers anytime we want. We build a strong relationship with our Self and connect more deeply with our Soul and our Inner Guides become our constant companions.

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