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Alchemical hypnotherapy enables us to transform our lives in powerful and profound ways. It is very practical with proven techniques for transforming anything that prevents us leading happy and fulfilled lives, filled with meaning and purpose.

This unique form of hypnotherapy transmutes unhelpful unconscious beliefs, thoughts and emotions into the pure gold of self-awareness and empowerment. Based on C.G.Jung’s research into the ancient magical art of alchemy, it works with our Inner Guides and Archetypes to achieve personal mastery enabling us to reconnect with our true selves


What it helps with

Practical Applications


If you are looking for a new partner, want to invigorate a current relationship or need support with moving on.

Confidence and Self-Worth

Generating confidence to go out and do the things you want to do as well as learning to celebrate yourself and your unique contribution.

Creativity and Manifesting

If you are feeling stuck, bored or unfulfilled and need support with creating and manifesting new opportunities, directions and prosperity.


Dealing with anxiety, insomnia and physical discomfort.

Life and Spiritual Purpose

Discover your bigger picture and achieve your full potential.

Methods and Techniques


Alchemical hypnotherapy employs a number of processes that are designed to clear the pain and blocks from our unconscious minds and empower us to lead fulfilled and happy lives. Each has its own specific focus and technique.


Etheric Plane Communication

A powerful way to resolve our emotional issues with others. Working on the etheric plane enables authentic communication whilst avoiding the danger of ego conflicts and defensiveness.

Removing Blocks

Emotional Clearing

Healing the Inner Child from the trauma, neglect and emotional pain of childhood as well as healing the hurts of previous relationships. Creating a loving inner world where there is always someone to hear and respond to your needs.

Divine Power

Inner Guides

Contacting, testing and working with Inner Guides (archetypes) to heal issues, give guidance and support ongoing growth and transformation.

We also reconnect with our Higher Self as a source of profound wisdom and protection.

Power Through Time

Alchemical Past Life Regression

Discover past-life memories to access creative abilities, resolve trauma, change karma, alter relationship contracts with significant others and examine our life purpose.


Future Life Progression

Travel forward in time to discover what your current beliefs, thoughts and emotions are creating for your future. Understanding this enables you to create the future you really want.


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 “Thank you for a beautiful exploration – starting today. I felt/feel completely at ease to look and discover in the presence of your masterful guidance! It is truly delightful, powerful and enriching! In love, appreciation and gratitude…”

Jane C.


“Thank you so much for today’s session. I’m surprised how deep it went and I’m looking forward to seeing how it manifests on my life…I think you’ve got a real skill for the work.”

Kathy H.


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